Posted by: lostty | March 10, 2008

CLANNAD episode 20

Another great episode! I actually enjoyed this one a lot more than last week’s. The episode just seemed to have a very good feel to it, it reminded me of some of the very first episode to this series. The episode is mainly just about Nagisa who with the help of Tomoya is trying to find out what the story is to the play that she has in mind. After Tomoya asks both of Nagisa’s parents if they recall ever telling her some sort of story about one girl alone in the world, they both responded by saying that they don’t know, but her father said if Tomoya actually finds something out that he shouldn’t tell Nagisa. And soon enough, Nagisa’s dad ends up telling him the whole story to Nagisa’s past. In the episode we also finally find out what the robot and the girl part of the story means! After 20 episodes we finally learn that they are the story that Nagisa has in mind, but she still can’t figure out what it’s called or even the ending, Tomoya is also sure that he has heard of it from somewhere before. I guess I did know which play Nagisa had in mind; I would have never expected the answer would have been so obvious! So, technically there are still some questions to be answered, but for the most part I’m glad I understand most of it!

This was definitely one of the funniest episodes yet, I never expected Nagisa’s dad to be so funny! The ending was also really cute. Also, Fuko has won my adoration back! She is now once again one of my favourite characters! Her zombie-like-dance convinced me because it was one of the funniest and cutest things I ever saw. Though, something that I found out recently about Clannad which is really disappointing is that Clannad will actually only have 23 episodes aire on television and the 24th will be an OVA that will only be featured on the last disc of the DVD for the series. It’s so upsetting; I just really hope it isn’t an episode that is actually really important to the end of the series because I hear we’ll only get a chance to actually see it in July! How can I wait that long! Anyway…on a change of note completely, it seems the next episode is actually going to be one that advances the plot! Shocking! It seems the Drama Club is finally making preparations for the upcoming school festival, which is sure to be good so I’m so excited! 



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  2. Actually the 23rd episode has been accounced as an extra episode. So the main story might end at 22 while the 23rd one will probably be extra stuff.

    Or if we are lucky it is a special episode because it’s going to be longer than a normal episode. Which would be awesome.

  3. ooo! This series seems interesting. *writes down on list* ^__^;;

    Thanks for the review.

    Well hopefully I can find it on my favorite streaming site.

    And your blog is awesome by the way!

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  4. @punktaku: ya, I heard it’s meant to be a “summer special”, but I hope it continues the story, having a longer episode would also be great!

    @Lycanine: Thank you very much 🙂 It’s a great series and is probably very easy to find, you can probably find it on crunchyroll if you’re having troubles.

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