Posted by: lostty | March 6, 2008

Gakuen Alice episode 20

Well, I was almost certain that the school festival would have been over, but they still have more to it. If only all schools had festivals like theirs! Yet, you can definitely tell that this will be the last episode in the festival saga because it had everything from award ceremonies to post-dances. In other words it was filled with all those feel good moments that everyone seems to love. The episode also opened up some new mysteries (which will probably never be answered), such as the three principals, which included a little kid and nobody seems to really know about and also some sort of incident that happened to the last person who had the nullification Alice. Yes, they are still talking about that last person who had the nullification Alice, so I hope that from all this hype will actually lead up to something good. The second half of the episode was really good, especially compared to the first half, it was so cute! It is the part involving the dance. Besides being so incredibly adorable, I found that it was also funny like the fact that Ruka actually brought his bunny to the dance! It’s so weird for someone to bring a pet to a formal event; he must be really attached. We also hear Natsume laugh for almost the first time and I can’t help but think it was really lame, I just would not have expected it to sound like that. The next episode is finally going to be about something different, so I’m really excited. I think it will have to do with something involving exam. Once again, another great episode!!! ^_^


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