Posted by: lostty | March 2, 2008

CLANNAD episode 19

It’s great to have the show finally back because waiting an extra week for my beloved Clannad is just too long! Also, the story has gone back to the classic Nagisa and Tomoya, which is such a great thing! Though, I am disappointed that this series is now behind considering it still has 5 episodes left, but I guess as a positive it means more time till the series is over. This week, not much happened and the story was simple, it was just that Tomoya was asked by one of the representatives of the school office to see his dad about his recent suspension and such. Tomoya was obviously not excited about it, but when his father actually came home to talk to the representative he couldn’t care less about Tomoya’s behavior. Nagisa witnessed the whole event and realized how much Tomoya dislikes his father, so she suggests that he could stay at her house, of course he reluctantly agrees, but soon realizes how much different Nagisa lives than he does. Also, Nagisa has finally reestablished the Drama Club! Tomoya suggests they have the play ready for the upcoming school fair and Nagisa does have a play in mind, but she just doesn’t know what it’s called.

Well, I’m excited to find out which play it actually is, but my guess would be that I’ve probably never heard of it. In this episode we really see how impressive Tomoya is at running (he ran really fast!), but Nagisa isn’t so bad herself because she was able to run after him quite well. Overall, I really liked this episode, it gave an idea to where this series is heading for it’s final episodes. I really love in this series how you can clearly see a character development, it’s just one of the many things that make this series so great. One of the “side characters” I really like is Youhei’s cat, I doubt we’d really consider him a character at all, but he’s so cute! Though, from all the episodes I’ve seen it seems this cat is abused! The cat never seems to mind, but for example in this episode Youhei poked the cat until it meowed, which was adorable, but you still shouldn’t poke your cat. I wonder if I am the only one who notices these useless things? I also really loved his skit that he did at the drama club with the sound effect machine; it was hilarious! We also saw the relatively cute robot again, but I’m now almost certain that it’s just symbolic, which is good, but a bit disappointing because I thought it would be something new to the series and reasons like that. I’m very excited for the next episode, especially since I’m now in the Clannad mood, it seems like it is going to be about Tomoya trying to find out something that happened in Nagisa’s past, so I’m very curious to find out what…



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