Posted by: lostty | February 29, 2008

Gakuen Alice episode 19

(Pathetic enough I could barely find a single photo for this episode! I am very sorry so please bare with me, for the next episode review it will be better!)

I haven’t been very interested in this series for a while. I cannot really pinpoint a reason, but I guess it is just that many of the episodes don’t seem important to the plot, which is something that always ends up annoying me. Another thing that bothers me a bit is that half the time this series can have good, average animation, but then for the second half of the time it is really just ugly. Of course I am still going to finish this series, especially since I am so close to finishing it. Yet, before I continue, I must also say as something positive to the show that even if it may seem like an average series sometimes, it can still be very compelling when it wants to be.

But anyway, I know this may seem out of place with what I just finished saying, but I actually really liked this episode. It was just so cute! And this was also one of the episodes that I thought had better animation. The school festival is Finally coming to an end. The Somatic type class is putting on a play; the play is a mixture of Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. Ruka is none other than Snow White herself (I do feel sorry for him). As the minutes approach till curtain time some stupid kid shows another stupid kid behind stage his collection of stickballs, which can make people stick to anything or anyone for two hours. Obviously the kid by accidentally fell and they landed on everybody who was expected to be in the play (not ruka though, lucky him!). So, considering there was already a lot of people backstage (even though I don’t think they were really meant to?) they ended up replacing all the characters that were stuck. The second half of the episode was basically dedicated to the play itself, which was very entertaining. You can also see how Natsume was obviously jealous that Mikan was


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