Posted by: lostty | February 25, 2008

Shigofumi ~Stories of Last Letter~ episode 7

Something I find that this series succeeds at so well is building up suspense. It always has such a great plot, which can sometimes be very complex or even simple, but you can always easily follow it. Also, I find it interesting how even though the main character appears to be Fumika, you don’t see her as often as you would expect in an episode. This time, the story focused on a lot of different characters and in a way, they are actually connected to each other in some way or another. At first, you have an amateur editor, who her boss considers useless, who nonetheless gets a job of being the editor for a really famous author who she used to know and love (he is the guy with long hair who is full of himself). You can tell everyone must think he’s beautiful because even his hair Shimmers! Not only his hair though, his whole house seemed very shimmer-worthy, he gave off the impression of being very shimmer obsessed. Later on we realize how important his role actually is, which was definitely shocking. The editor also has a sister, who has a crush on Nojima, who asked her if he could come over. Though, Nojima’s intentions weren’t to make any sort of confession to the sister like she expected, but more to ask about Fumika, who he recently saw and has made him extremely interested in finding out more. As the editor is going to the author’s house she realizes that she forgot the location and asks her sister to find it and scan it to her, which interested Nojima in going to see the author as well. And all at the same time Fumika is expected to bring a letter to the author, which leads everyone in the same place at the same time…

As you can tell, I really have no skills in remembering names. Even with all these characters they still had enough time to add Chiaki in this episode. She met Fumika again in some sort of place where all the mail carriers apparently go. All you could really see was a really big place filled with a whole bunch of staffs, which got me thinking why we only ever see those two if there is so many, but it’s TV so that is in a way reason enough. Though, I bet the person of that scene will never be explained, unless it was and I just wasn’t paying attention? Anyway, I really liked this episode once again; the best part was probably the end when everything became very intense. I never expected half of what actually happened. I also liked the use of music in this episode because it seemed like there was a lot more of it than usual and it seemed different in some way. You can tell things are definitely building up in the story, but there is still around 5 episodes left so new surprises are still to be expected. I love episode about a character’s past and it looks like the next episode is going to be one of those. It is called “The Beginning” and I am really anxious to see it, but I also want to find out more about what will happen next from the ending of this episode because it definitely opened a lot of questions that I hope to be answered soon.


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