Posted by: lostty | February 23, 2008

Gakuen Alice episode 18

Once again we have one of those really cute episodes! It was interesting how they made the story really revolve around the fact that Natsume is actually a nice guy and not just the cold-hearted person like we always see him as. So, the school festival is still on and Mikan still intends to see everything the fair has to offer. She is still hanging out with Natsume and Ruka, which made many girls very jealous. Mikan now wants to visit the Latent ability section of the festival. They all end up actually going along with Mikan and end up seeing the Haunted House first. Though, of course it isn’t the normal boring haunted house because there is tons of actually scary illusions in it, which are provided by Yū, the class representative, who I found did a really good job! ^_^ Anyway, while they were walking through the haunted house Mikan gets terrified by everything, especially when all of a sudden the lights stop working and they are left in the dark. When that happens, Ruka’s bunny tries to hop away so ruka runs after it and all of a sudden while he isn’t there Mikan and Natsume get stuck behind a wall (somehow?). Natsume suggests they just knock down the wall and be off on there way, but Mikan is against it considering it was the students who put so much effort into making it, which leaves them with a big dilemma (very intense! :P) Also, by the end of the episode an old joke becomes new again! Not only was this a cute episode, but it was also one of the funnier ones, but I found that the visions of when they were older were really creepy. Though, my whole image of the teacher Jinno is probably completely ruined now that I’ve seen this episode. Well, I didn’t really like him anyway!



  1. awesome episode

  2. ya, really cute 🙂 As per usual of course

  3. Aaahh..!! I love them, i really like that anime.! Thats my favourite…,

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