Posted by: lostty | February 21, 2008

Tokyo Marble Chocolate OVA

I heard a lot of good things about this OVA in magazines and such, so I decided to check it out for myself. It is only the length of two episodes. It is basically just one story, but done with two perspectives; the girl’s side of the story and the boy’s. Yes, it is evidently a love story, so yay for that because we all know that deep down these stories are just too good to pass up ^_^

The story is of two different characters, Yudai and Chizuru. They are both as they say “failures in love” because of each there separate reasons. They are both dating together. Chizuru is in distress because she is always telling Yudai how much she loves him, but he never tells her anything, which leads her to doubt their relationship. While Yudai worries that Chizuru sees him as a coward because he is mainly scared of everything! Though, to make sure this story has a bit of a change from every other romance, they added in a mini donkey that came as a mistaken gift from Yuday to Chizuru. It’s actually a punk donkey because it has like a green mowhawk and stuff.

I liked the girl’s side of the story more than the boy’s, but that might only be because I saw it first, so the story was completely new for me. I liked both of characters though, they were really unique and cute, but my favourite was definitely the donkey 😛 The mini donkey really added such a great vibe for this show, he was so peculiar and funny to watch. For both of the episodes I liked the music that they chose for the end, it represented the characters well. The ending also was not bad (for both characters), but I wish it ended with more than just something that leaves part of the story to the imagination. Another thing I liked in this OVA was the animation. It was not top notch or anything, but it was still pretty and more importantly it went with the story. I don’t think if it looked different than it already is, that it would have the same affect. It was also, just plain cute!

In conclusion, it may not have been the best thing I ever saw, but it was still nonetheless worth watching. It had many good qualities that made it a very enjoyable watch. It is sure to meet any expectations (if you have any).



  1. I downloaded it, but haven watch it yet.

  2. I just finished watching it 🙂 This is a nice story, but I especially enjoyed the artwork 🙂

  3. ya, I liked it too, it worked well with the OVA’s story.

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