Posted by: lostty | February 19, 2008

Shigofumi ~Stories of Last Letter~ episode 6

So it’s already half time for the series and so far I am definitely impressed. It always has great concepts and promising characters. This episode barely had any Fumika though, which is sad, but it was still a great episode. Perhaps not one of the best, but still really good. The concept was basically just about extreme cases in bullying. It was really depressing actually. I have definitely learnt my lesson that bullying is BAD! Honestly, not much really happened besides some boy (half-dead guy) being bullied for no reason. The bullies’s themselves were really harsh, they weren’t just the typical “give me your lunch money” type of guys; they would really go to quite a length just to humiliate him by doing things such as pretending his backpack is a garbage bag and making him go shoeless all around the school and outside (let me add that these seemed to be some of the less harsh things they were capable of). After everyday he tells the stories on some sort of website where people respond, except he calls himself “half-dead guy” Though, out of nowhere someone he knows actually reads it and realizes that it is the guy from his own class. He decided to try and help him, but even with his help it becomes to hard to handle and he ends up committing suicide. Though, with him gone the bullies still find a new person to pick on.

The meaning in this episode of being a half-dead guy, is that being so mean to someone who doesn’t deserve it really leaves you empty, especially when nobody cares. The feeling leaves you dead, but you know you’re still alive (that doesn’t really seem pleasant). To me, it was a depressing episode because I really felt bad for the people being bullied. They really had hard lives. All the events of this episode actually took place at a school, which was the same school where the other suicides and stuff took place. Something I was waiting for in the episode was for the scream (because the title of this episode is called “scream”), but only around 20 minutes through the episode did you actually hear it, trust me, it was loud… The next episode I think is called “Shimmer”. It looks like it has a character that will be reoccurring from the fifth episode, which was a guy who seemed really self absorbed by his looks. I didn’t mention anything before because I didn’t expect him to be an important character, but I guess he might be now.


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