Posted by: lostty | February 17, 2008

CLANNAD episode 18

Tomoya is such a rebel! Or, how he seems to always call himself, a delinquent. He got himself suspended for taking the blame because of Tomoyo’s fighting. That surprises me because nobody seemed to blame Youhei who is really at fault. If it were not for him choosing to go down that alley where all the gang members were, they wouldn’t have been mad to begin with! But moving on…the competition between almost everyone trying to win over Tomoya is definitely still on. This time they decided to try and win him with food. Difficulties aroused, but Fuko comes to help again and I never expected myself to say this, but she was actually kind of annoying. I have supported Fuko for a long time, but she has reached a point where she feels very repetitive. Also, for someone who everyone supposedly forgotten, they did not seem very surprised that some “random” person is in Tomoya’s house uninvited offering him food. Anyway soon enough Tomoya ends up back in school and the little sports theme they have been following lately continues. This time it is to win votes for Tomoyo. There is also a very big surprise by the end of the episode.

I really liked this episode; it was probably my favourite episode form this arc so far. It had lots of funny moments, as per usual, and very sentimental ones as well (as per usual :P) like Tomoyo’s story, which really seemed to affect me for some reason. All the things that led up to the end of this episode made it seem like there will be closure to a lot of things, but I still believe there will be definitely more to it. The next episode revealed something that I didn’t really expect to happen so soon, but I’m happy because of it. It also seems that there will be more mentions about tomoya’s dad and why he hates him so much.



  1. This episode was all fine until Kyou cried ._.

  2. ya, I thought that moment was a little awkward myself…

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