Posted by: lostty | February 16, 2008

Gakuen Alice episode 17

So, I really expected this to be a bad episode, but to my surprise it wasn’t that horrible… Yes, the robots did freak me out, but there was actually more to the story than just that! Basically it is still about the school festival and when Mikan is visiting the technology Alice presentation her main focus is finding out where Hotaru is. Turns out Hotaru made a giant robot that impresses everyone (woohoo…) she also made a whole bunch of other attractions that are robots (…). Though, all of a sudden one of her invention goes wrong. Being the first time that one of Hotaru’s inventions goes wrong, everyone is in shock. They are also probably shocked from the possibility of a hurt student. A group of certain “special” students come to investigate the issue. Mikan knows that Hotaru’s invention couldn’t have gone wrong by accident and she would do anything to prove this theory. In the episode we also learn a shocking secret about Hotaru, which I didn’t even expect. Anyway, was I the only one who notices how bad of a servant Mikan was? Natsume was completely fair in winning that game, but Mikan is always running off and having her own fun. Also, it seems the next episode is still going to be about there little school festival… Perhaps not the most interesting, but at least they are sticking to one story, plus there seems to be no robots! 😉



  1. vous pouver me dire c quand que la saison 2 sort

  2. @nour: Au moment, il n’y a pas un saison 2 et je ne pense pas qu’il aura un saison 2, car c’etait jamais annocer

    je m’excuse pour mon francais! X)

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