Posted by: lostty | February 12, 2008

Shigofumi ~Stories of Last Letter~ episode 5

Fumika is so cute! I’m glad that we finally see her with a different expression on her face than the completely neutral one! Once again it was a great episode. I really like the new character Chiaki, not only does her personality rock, but she wears a really nice scarf; which seems to be something important to a character for me? I think that from now on she is going to be a reoccurring, which is great! This episode focused a lot about Fumika and the stories behind her. At first, I didn’t really understand it all, but by the end everything was clear and made sense. It seems to be obvious that her back-story is going to play an important part to the series so I can’t wait to see where they take it too. This time, in this episode unlike most letters that the shigofumi mail carriers have to deliver, they have to give it to a cat. Both people, in a family of just themselves and a cat dies and ended up dedicating their last letters to the cat. So Chiaki and Fumika are both on the hunt to try and find the cat that has gone astray, but whenever they end up spotting it quickly runs away. We also learn that Fumika has a fear of cats. I personally adore cats (orange cats in particular ^_^), but I guess we are all afraid of something (spiders…😦).

I found this episode to be really good because so far in the series they seem to be very straight forward, the characters receive the letter and that is all we really know of how it ends, but this episode added more depth to it. You felt for the character, in this case a cat, but you also feel for Fumika. The series is also still able to incorporate some jokes quite well, still laughing about Fumika’s remark to Chiaki that she’ll be flat chested forever! I also really liked the ending of the “cat story” because it seemed very conclusive, especially compared to the other episodes so far for some reason; it ended at such a feel good moment. The preview for the next episode really left me clueless to what it’s going to be about, but it’s called “scream” so I guess assumptions could be made from that…



  1. I love cats to! I haven’t watched this series yet I will try to soon!

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