Posted by: lostty | February 10, 2008

CLANNAD episode 17

Compared to the last two episodes, it is clear that in this episode there was a story development. I am still uncertain though, to whom this arc is actually dedicated to, but I do know the character that it so far seems, in my opinion, will be the one they focus on. This episode really brought out the fact that it seems like every single girl has a crush on Tomoya. I don’t exactly blame them, but it still comes as a surprise to me…. Is there no love for the perverted Youhei? The episode starts off with them once again trying to establish the drama club and after there effort in the basketball game, the choir club came to an agreement that they could share representative, but when Nagisa goes to inform the student council they end up not letting her and saying that it is against school rules (party poopers :P). Nagisa suddenly collapses and is forced to stay at home since she is sick. AS Nagisa is away, the drama club activities are obviously postponed and all of her friends are out doing different things. Tomoyo has made it her duty to make sure Tomoya wakes up on time and get to school and not be late for some reason, but she also wants to get near him more and be able to hang out with him. At the same time Kyou is trying to help out her sister Ryou, so she can finally confess the feelings she has for Tomoya. And throughout all this time Tomoya can’t help but keep on thinking about Nagisa. Talk about a love complex!

I must make a mental note to myself that I will never try and establish a club. The way this series plays out make it seem like it’s been forever since she has tried to make the drama club official. Her effort is definitely inspiring. Though, I still think the drama club thing has been too dragged out. Yet, I bet it will probably be at the end of the series when it will actually be established. Around 15 minutes through the episode there was a really funny moment, I laughed so hard! I am glad the show is back on track because I really am still enjoying every moment of this series. The episode ended on an interesting note, which by watching the preview for the next episode makes me once again very excited! 


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