Posted by: lostty | February 8, 2008

Higurashi no naku koro ni Chapter 6


Chapter 6: Atonement (episodes 22-26)

I’ve finally finished the first season! Maybe now I’ll actually be able to be up to date for when the third season will come out (whenever that will be)! At first, I was a it worried because the beginning to these episodes seemed that they were just going to strat something completely new, but instead it turned out differently and ended the season quite well.

I was very excited that this chapter was going to be focusing on Rena. At first the story just involved a girl with pink hair who cheats on men. Rena’s dad was falling for the trick. This was the parts that started to disappoint me, until… Rena, who found out about the scandal on her own, became enraged and used the only logic she knew which is killing her. As Rena confessed this story to her friends Keiichi, Mion, Satoko and Rika, they accepted it and decided that she was still there friend and that’s what matters! Yet, later on the scary blonde hair girl Miyo gave Rena a crucial scrapbook filled with a certain “theory” to the Oyashiro curse that may change the course of the town’s ways forever.
I just don’t see how anyone could have disliked this chapter; by the last episode it had everything you would want! It had time bombs, sword fights, and insane girl and of course the beloved feel good moments! I found that the ending was overall very conclusive. Perhaps there was a few things that weren’t answered, but there’s a second season for a reason and even if there wasn’t I would have still been satisfied! And I’m not sure if I was the only one, but I felt very touched by the little sentimental moment between Rena and Keiichi, which is something very odd for this show to actually have. I guess I must be easily pleased!


Whenever you watch this series, you know it is always a bad sign when Miyo appears on screen! Though, the most surprising thing in this chapter was definitely when we found out a little more about what kind of person Keiichi was before he met his new friends. I was glad there was still a little humour in this chapter like for example in the first episode with the water gun battle, which had an interesting touch to the whole story because of where the battle lead. That didn’t last very long though and soon enough we had some extremely disturbing scenes involving maggots. I was kind of disappointed by the fact that Shion wasn’t in this chapter for very long, but I guess she was in the last one for most of the time. Also the importance of the character Rika becomes very evident and clear in this arc, so I wonder id the writers will play on that for the second season. I also would like to mention that you do learn the secrets to the curse in this arc, in fact a lot was clarified and answered even if some things were left out.

Knowing now most of the secrets to this show it would be definitely interesting re-watching it while having everything clear in my mind to what is actually happening. Though, before hand I would definitely prefer to finally start the second season because I am so behind. I wonder if they are going to change the story completely because they can’t really keep the same story about the curse right? I really hope that the second season, if not better than the first be just as good because I have high expectations! Well I guess the only way to know is by actually watching it.

Overall Review

So, to give a short overall review to this season, I found it great and it really kept me guessing. I have never been more surprised in a series than by this one, with its mature and complex stories. There are no other words for it besides just being pure genius! It is unbelievable how one story is repeated throughout 26 episodes and 6 arcs, but is completely different every single time. I also really liked the opening to this series, which is such a crucial thing to any show. It was a good song and it went well with the story. I also like the ending, but not as much as others, but the beginning of it with the blood dripping down the screen after you just finish a scary episode is definitely cool. The characters were all perfect and I loved that throughout every arc they each had there own turn to shine! They all had unique flares and much to my surprise there character development was also very evident. This series is sure to entertain and interest anyone who chooses to watch it.


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