Posted by: lostty | February 6, 2008

Gakuen Alice episode 16

^rawwr 😉

Sometimes the episodes that don’t involve any thinking or use of my mind can be really fun! Surprisingly enough this ended up being one of my favourite episodes. Everything is back to being all fine and dandy and the school festival can finally be fully appreciated by all those who were once worried or kidnapped. The special ability group, whose activity was an RPG Aladdin world, is not getting any members. Mikan is in complete despair, until three people come, permy, her favourite teacher and ruka. They all failed at the game quite quickly, but at the same time realize how fun it is. Soon enough everyone is lining up to play there game, but nobody is really succeeding at winning, but they are enjoying themselves so they keep on trying. Soon enough Natsume gets put up to the challenge to see is he could win. Gakuen Alice almost always succeeds at entertaining their audience. Something I found extremely cute in this episode was how much ruka was blushing when he was around Mikan! His little bunny costume was adorable as well! It was like a cuteness overload ^_^ Sadly the next episode doesn’t look very good. From the preview all I could tell was that there might be a robot that goes out of control. Though, for all I know, it might be a great episode, even if I really doubt it. I don’t understand this series obsession with robots? At first glance I would have never expected it to have any robots at all! Many one day I will eventually grow to like them…. Haha! 😛


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