Posted by: lostty | February 5, 2008

CLANNAD episode 16

Compared to the other episodes, this one was just average. There is only 8 episodes left (*tear*) and a lot of arcs I think still need to be finished (unless a second season is planned) and this episode seemed a bit useless… Well, not entirely, there were some important moments, but as much as I enjoyed this episode I wish there was more of a purpose to it. It started off from where it ended in the last episode, which was that Youhei’s sister finally arrived. She was really cute and naïve. After that scene involving her for some reason I got in some way confused for the next 5 minutes. I don’t even know why, but some way or another all I understood was that I was confused. But anyway, as the episode continued it got to a new part, which was that actual basketball game. I was impressed by it because ever since I’ve read the manga known as “Rebound”, watching or reading anything involving basketball really annoys me (I am insulting Rebound not complimenting it, if that might be unclear), but this episode has put me out of that phase because I really did enjoy watching it, it was a very suspenseful game. Who knew basketball could be so much fun? 😛

I don’t have much to say about this episode because as I said before not much happened, but I am still curious to find out where this arc is going to lead. So far in the past two episodes it hasn’t focused on any character in specific. I guess it will probably just be about actually making the drama club official, but I assume of course that there will be a deeper story as well (how vague can I get?). The preview, as per usual didn’t really tell us much about the next episode, but it seems that the tone is not going to be funny as the past two episodes. In fact, it looks a little sad in some way, but previews can be very deceiving, as we all know. The episode also seems in some way important and I am definitely (as per usual) excited to see it! ^_^


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