Posted by: lostty | February 2, 2008

Shigofumi ~Stories of Last Letter~ episode 4

This was probably one of my least favourite episodes of the series. All the others were really good except this one, which was just average. The only very interesting part was the scenes involving Fumika (which is not very often oppose to what you would expect). The main story of the episode is about some tennis playing girl who told all her friends that her mother died 5 years ago, though Fumika comes to deliver a mail to her now from her mother. Unlike most people who either just take the letter or don’t believe in shigofumi, she just refused to take it and ran away. As Fumika’s duties of a mail carrier she has to follow this girl until she accepts the letter. Obviously, the girl who refused the letter was starting to get annoyed by Fumika who would follow her everywhere and became distracted from what she normally does (tennis), but that was not the only reason why she became distracted, she also had a certain curiosity to what was actually written in the letter. Something to this episode that was a it bothersome was how unrealistic the fire seemed to me. It started from sunrays passing through a water bottle and after it was really big somehow got put out by rain! Lesson to be learnt: don’t put you water bottle near the window on a bright sunny day…unless it happens to rain within the next hour.

I found that her story seemed to be filler to the episode; the actual important part was the introduction of the new character Chiaki and her staff Matoma who made there first appearance who are also mail carriers of the shigofumi, which made me realize that I never thought there would be more than one mail carrier even if it seems so obvious now. She said some interesting things about Fumika, how she isn’t like the other mail carriers, which is an interesting point. Also Fumika was once a normal human like everyone else. Besides that part the episode wasn’t that great, but the preview gives the impression like it is going to have Chiaki in it again, which I am sure is bound to be very interesting!



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