Posted by: lostty | January 30, 2008

True Tears and Shigofumi Licensed


Only four episodes through each series and they are already licensed, pretty impressive actually… They are being licensed Bandai Visual USA. As a personal preference I think it’s better when shows get licensed after they are already done airing because what is the point of getting licensed before many people haven’t even seen enough episodes to judge the series and whether they really want to watch it. These are the two shows that were my favourite of the season, so I am glad that they are now going to really get the appreciation they deserve. I’m still not sure if I am actually going to buy the DVDs when they come out because they seem expensive and I don’t really like the idea of 2 episodes per DVD for Shigofumi, especally when they are selling at like 40$ per DVD. It is clever marketing though, but who knows!

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