Posted by: lostty | January 27, 2008

CLANNAD episode 15

I almost forgot about the robot. It has been so long since that robot thing was last shown before the opening. Usually, this would be an intriguing thing (even for me), but I think I am more agitated (may be too strong of a word) I just want to know what it is already! Is it meant to be symbolic? Is it an important part to the story? Hrrg…. I just don’t know L Well, before I become too obsessed over that subject, there is other news to add and that is that the characters now have new uniforms! Well not necessarily new because I am pretty sure it is just there summer uniform, but it is new for the viewers! And personally they are not as pretty as the old ones, but they are still cute and pretty. But moving on from the useless part of this entry, we are now starting a new arc in the series and so far it’s great! This episode was hilarious! Though, the story is back to Nagisa and the drama club, but now she is so close to re-establishing the club, but the problem that faces her is the choir club who also wants to be established. As both clubs have their reasons for wanting to be established, Nagisa gives inn to the choir club’s and decided to let them form there club instead of her club. Youhei is extremely mad at this and decides to try and fix the problem on his own. Youhei taking matters in his own hands hopefully tells enough about what kind of episode this may be. The funniest moments in this episode was probably the return of Fuko again and her remark on the situation, the phone call that Tomoya picked up when it was meant for Youhei and everything that basically followed after Youhei figured out how to win the drama club back. Before this episode I was really starting to miss the insanely funny episodes. The preview for the next episode looks once again hilarious, Youhei is still in complete shock from what he heard in this episode about “certain characters”, I hope that it is not what it is only about though, but I am still really excited for it especially after watching this one.


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