Posted by: lostty | January 25, 2008

Shigofumi ~Stories of Last Letter~ episode 3

This is an incredible series! Three episodes inn and I feel I can say that without hesitation. It was outstanding form start to end. The beginning part before the opening was really interesting itself. The screen shots of certain common things we see in our everyday life somehow suddenly had more depth and took to a new meaning. Without any indication you still feel as though you can understand the atmosphere and basically what was going on. I really liked the music in the background as well, but for that scene, the music mostly reminded me of L from Death Note’s music theme. So, within the first minute of the show I was already completely interested and the episode only got better. The story, as I expected, changed since the last two episodes. It was basically about the exploration to the idea of suicide and why people would do it even if they are perfectly happy in life. It also deals with the after affects of it (morbid much?). It’s a pretty realistic subject of course, but it was done well without seeming in any way ridiculed or abused.

An intriguing thing about this series is that it really let’s us think about what we are watching. A single letter could make a world of a difference and it is proved within this series, which is something that has never crossed my mind before. The though of the three boys sitting on the roof talking to each other about just jumping to there deaths in front of a train just for the sake of the moment without any real intention is chilling. The thing I find most weird about it is that it is just so realistic. This episode in particular seemed very realistic; it leaves such an impact on the viewers. From the ending, I would guess that the next episode will not be the same story, but I cannot be too sure because last time I made this assumption I was obviously wrong. Though, this series is filled with surprises… The ending to this episode also seemed to open a lot of new doors, which all seem thoroughly interesting ideas, I can’t wait to see if they plan on elaborating on them. Another great episode, even though it may not have been as good as the last two, it was still really good!


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