Posted by: lostty | January 24, 2008

CLANNAD episode 14

Wohoo! I finally caught up with everyone else in my clannad posts! (Perhaps it may have took a bit longer than it should have, but I finally managed ^_^) Anyway, it seems that the creators for this series (the people who made Kanon and such), seem to really like stories where people can’t remember things. There always seems to be some character that forgot someone! In this case, it is Tomoya, who forgot about his childhood, which he spent for some time being best friends with Kotomi. On that note, you can obviously tell that this episode had some of that flashback stuff like they have been doing for a while now (Tomoya was a very snazzy dresser as a kid let me add, or at least more than he could say now). At first Tomoya is still gardening, but now he has the help from the other friends too. Well, a lot of things happen and we somehow end up in the second half of the episode, which changed completely because it is now Kotomi’s birthday. The violin problem that I haven’t mentioned till now also gets somehow resolved, but that is not the only thing she gets as a gift. She also receives a briefcase that survived the plane crash so long ago from the guy who she refers to as “the bad guy” though inside it had something that I really could have never expected. By the end of the episode it got very sentimental and I was almost going to burst out crying, but Kotomi’s story never really touched me that much or at least compared to Fuko’s. Yet, I admit that I do like Kotomi a lot more than I did before. So, this seems to be the end of another arc. I’m curious to what the next arc may be about and whom it will focus on, but from the preview all I could tell was that Nagisa was planning on joining something and there was some guy with a really ugly face, but it really was not clear. In any case this was a great episode (obviously) and I can’t wait to what happens next!



  1. i like kotomi a lot more than fuko. Fuko is annoying but she is still cute 😀

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