Posted by: lostty | January 22, 2008

CLANNAD episode 13

Tomoya shows off his gardening skills! I was pretty impressed by him because he really did a good job for the garden. Anyway, I have said before that I didn’t really like Kotomi that much and preferred Fuko, but I now completely take it back! (Not the part about liking Fuko better) Since the last episode where Tomoya realized that he used to know Kotomi from when he was younger, they elaborated in this episode. So, for the first half of the episode it was basically just a flashback sort of thing and we learn a little more about Kotomi, which was really tragic. Learning more about her character has let me appreciate her a lot more and I think she may now be one of the characters that I like more than others. It was interesting to know that as a child she played the violin and it was well played let me add, so what happened to her musical talents I don’t know. Perhaps it may be symbolic or something completely different and really obvious. Though, I sadly have to admit that overall this was not one of the best episodes yet by far because not much really happened in it. True, we do learn more about the characters, but they were things that could have been explained in 5 minutes, when instead it was lengthened out to a whole episode. I can tell that this Kotomi arc will be soon coming to an end. I assume that it will probably end with the party Tomoya and his friends are planning on having for Kotomi’s birthday on Saturday. The preview for the next episode didn’t really show much, I think they might show a little more of those flashback scenes, but that was all I was able to tell. I usually like episodes focusing on characters pasts because they are almost always interesting one way or another. Well, I hope they have some more unexpected surprises for the next episode! (Isn’t that an odd thing to say?)


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