Posted by: lostty | January 20, 2008

Shigofumi ~Stories of Last Letter~ episode 2

For starts, I love the opening! It is very unique and the song really grows on you. Not to mention, but it also suites the show perfectly. Anyway, this was an outstanding episode! I was expected this series to be good, but this just surpassed everything I could have ever thought! The story continued with what happened in the last episode (which surprised me), though now it shows the point of view of Asuna and the after effects of what she has done. We understand her intentions for having killed her own father (which were pretty good reasons let me add) and the reasons for her wanting to disappear from reality. It was really interesting to see the development of her character since the last episode because it is done so well and you can really feel that it is evident. It is still not clear to me whether they plan on continuing this storyline for the next episode, but I would guess not because even if it was a bit of an open ending, it still felt as though it was closing.

I liked this episode so much because it really seemed to have affected me in someway. It really played on emotions and the way things carried out, kept me very focused on what was happening, which let me fully appreciate what this show has to offer. It gives off the perfect amount of emotion and mystery to each character. There also appeared to be something more to the character Fumika, which is not completely apparent yet. Oh, and just out of curiosity, was I the only one who really liked Asuna new look as she was planning on running away? Who would have expected that chopping your hair short with a knife could look so nice, the hairstyle even went well with her outfit! I loved her skirt! (I guess this is not the type of thing I should be noticing while watching the show?) In all, it was an incredible episode that really left me in awe by the end. I highly recommend people to start watching this if they have not already.



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