Posted by: lostty | January 18, 2008

CLANNAD episode 12

Wow, two episodes in a row where we see Tomoya in something besides his school uniform and they weren’t even the same outfits! *shocked* This was not the only shocking (and pleasing) thing to this episode, FUKO RETURNED! Perhaps it wasn’t for more than a maximum of 5 minutes, but I was so glad to see her and they were the best 5 minutes of the episode! She came in with a totally superhero entrance and showed everyone her great skills at a crane game to win plushies! (I think I may be too enthusiastic over Fuko?)  Sadly, the people who used to be her best friends still didn’t remember her. Though, Tomoya was able to recall something about her starfish obsession, which was a good sign! ^_^ All good things come to an end though, so soon enough the episode started to change it’s mood and become sad. The “bad guy”, as he is called, had a reappearance and I expected that we would finally learn a thing or two about him, but all that was said was that he once worked for Kotomi’s parents. There also appears to be a story that Kotomi has never told any of her now close friends, which seems to have a lot of crucial information. The show was left at a cliffhanger, but it was different from other because instead of just leaving us at a point where we don’t know what will be said next it was more about what they actually said, which was very unexpected! 


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