Posted by: lostty | January 17, 2008

Shigofumi ~Stories of Last Letter~ episode 1

So, this was the show that I have really wanted to see for some time now and I was definitely impressed. The first episode was really good! I love the storyline for Shigofumi it is very original. It’s a story (simple version) of a mail carrier girl named Fumika and her very social staff (literally) Mayana who sends out the letters from the dead. Also, with the first episode we learn what Shigofumi means, which is well…quite factually a letter sent from the dead. This episode had a lot of unexpected moments that came as a really big surprised. Though, the only think I though was odd was how fast the plot moved? I am curious to know whether the next episode is going to keep to the story from this one or is going to have new characters that Fumika will bring a new letter to. I also like the animation because it may not be top quality, in fact it is quite simple, but it dies suite the story and its atmosphere that the show gives off. I expect this show will turn out really well, especially considering my expectations are so high. I hope there is more action though in the next. The music I found was also good, it worked with the context and wasn’t too distracting to understand the dialogue. The ending theme was good too, this episode didn’t have the opening though. Overall a great first episode that will definitely leave anyone waiting for more! I know I can’t wait!


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