Posted by: lostty | January 15, 2008

H20 and True Tears ~ First impressions

There hasn’t been much that has got my attention for the winter anime season, but both H20 and True Tears were shows I wanted to try out. I don’t plan on blogging about either, but I do plan on blogging about a series, in fact it is the only series I initially wanted to watch. It’s called Shigofumi: ~Stories of Last Letter~, the concept seems really good just as the characters; I really hope I see it soon. Considering I don’t have a lot to watch for the winter season, I plan on watching more of the anime movies I have been needing to watch, but considering I end up behind in anything I watch it’s hard to tell if I actually will. If there is any suggestions though to shows I should watch form the new anime season, I’d love to know because I’d be sure to check them out! Anyway…

H20 ~ Footprints in the Sand~

The whole series starts off with a girl getting beat up, so that was interesting and eventful. Originally, I didn’t actually know what this series was about, but by watching it I can understand that some kid comes to a town in hope to heal his illness. His illness seems to be that he can be spontaneously blind or something? From the first episode all I could really think was that I hope they don’t make a fool out of blind people. Though by the second episode he wasn’t blind anymore. I never really heard of an illness that makes you blind sometimes and not at other times. Anyway, this series actually disappointed me because I had many expectations for it and it didn’t really meet any of them. Nice as I am, I still believe that the series may get better, but I am curious to know what the plot may actually be about. It doesn’t even get points for having pretty animation because the animation is quite poor.

True Tears

This was the series that out of the three I wanted to watch, I was least anticipated for. Though, after the first two episodes I’m really starting to like it. The title seems to even play a part to the show because there is a girl who wants to gather tears or something like that. The opening is good too, which is always a plus. The animation itself gives off the impression of something simple that at the same time can be so complex. Isurugi is definitely my favourite character! Her hair looks so nice and her chicken obsession is really weird (a perfect character combination). Soon enough I am pretty sure the story will take a completely different turn and become a lot more dramatic. Though, that is just an assumption that I get from shows like these. I hope this ends up being a good series because so far it’s really good!



  1. Well, I really hope that Noe ends up with Shin!! I don’t like Hiromi~~ Well, personally she’s alright, but now she’s just talking to Shin and lies about wanting to “befriend” Noe. Good thing Noe sees right through it! She’s so cuute XD

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  3. Oh gawd…I did not know you watched True Tears. So what happened to the rest of the blog? I want to know what you thought of the ending. I don’t care what everyone says but I’m on Hiromi’s side. LOL.

  4. @7: I made a first impression, but I never blogged the series, I didn’t bother to make a series review, for reasons I don’t know. If you are really interested in what I thought of it; I was kind of disappointed by the ending and the series left me with a bad aftertaste even though I enjoyed it while watching. Still an entertaining series that was worth the watch (more than I can say about H20).

  5. Yea…you can say I felt the same too. Although I liked the ending, it wasn’t enough. But yes, good to know I wasn’t the only one having a bad experience with the ending.

  6. I though all of you should watch vampire knight.

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