Posted by: lostty | January 13, 2008

CLANNAD episode 11

This was the first episode that we actually see Tomoya in clothes besides his school uniform! Well, there may have been other times, but this time they were normal! When you see him in “normal clothes” it really makes you realize how often he’s in his uniform. I felt that this episode seemed in a way to have a closing affect. Nothing bad or suspenseful really happened. Though, the good thing about this series is that even if there are episodes like these, they are still very entertaining. This one involved Kotomi who decided to finally have a violin recital. Let me remind everyone that whenever she plays the violins you have the classic earth shake and windows break because it’s so loud and bad. I don’t think I should have been expecting much of a climax from this episode considering this arc seemed to have just started. This episode also had a lot of funny moments involving the dram club part of it. Near the end of the episode there was something important that happened, which was a guy who was trying to take Kotomi away or something like that because it was hard to tell. I wonder who he might be? She seemed to have known him from somewhere, but she didn’t say much about him besides that she refers to him as “the bad guy”. I am pretty sure that he is going to be one of the more important characters to this arc. Well the only way to know is by watching the next episode! ^_^


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