Posted by: lostty | January 12, 2008

Gakuen Alice epiosde 13

The beginning of this episode seemed to really focus on Natsume, so naturally I assume that this episode would be dedicated to him. Though as soon as I thought this and was getting excited for what was to happen next they started to change the story and focus on a new plot. I was kind of disappointed because I didn’t really want the characters to “forget” about Natsume. The next part of the story was more about how there was going to be a famous singer name Reo who was actually going to come to the Alice Academy to sing for the beginning of there opening ceremonies, later on though we learn that he had other intentions that I still don’t completely understand. About the new introduction to the Reo, I have to say that I really hate him. And to add to that a whole bunch of things involving him really confused me (which never makes me happy :P). I was really surprised, but happy, that at the end of the episode they brought back the story from the beginning and gave it a purpose (which is the least they could after forgetting about Natsume!). This also may have been one of the first episodes to have a very “to be continued” ending. In general, this was one of the smarter episodes that I have seen so far in the series, where everything just played out so well. Considering that this episode had one of the first really climatic endings, I can’t wait to see the next episode!



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