Posted by: lostty | January 11, 2008

CLANNAD episode 10

So, now the storyline has changed completely. The beginning to this episode before the opening began was really odd. It had that robot thing, which I recall seeing once before and there is also a girl. I really am not the person to usually like robots, but the one in this show was extremely cute (Gakuen Alice should learn from this). Though, after they had their one-minute appearance, the show continued as if nothing happened! This time the focus was set back to recruiting members for the drama club. Tomoya believed he could convince a girl who always just stays at the library to join. Soon enough one thing leads to another and he is trying to help here get new friends (big leap there :P). That whole part of the show was really funny. Though, it seems like this time the focus will be more on library girl, who is ok, but I still like Fuko better. The drama club seems like it might be the place where all the events of the show will be taken down seeing as Nagisa seemed to finally achieve some sort of drama-like club with a few members. The ending to this episode seemed to be a little weird. It just didn’t really feel very ending-ish. Well no worries! And anyway the preview for the next episode gave off the appearance that it’s going to be really funny! If I am right and that is the case, then it gets me even more anticipated for the next episode!


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