Posted by: lostty | January 10, 2008

CLANNAD episode 9

Only nine episodes have gone by and I have already ended up crying…a lot. Almost embarrassing actually. This is now my official favourite episode. It didn’t even need big amounts of humour to make me like it. Perhaps there was one or two jokes, but the tone of the episode was pretty dramatic. Also, I have to mention that Fuko is too adorable once more! When she was so eager to wear the hat they bought her, I really couldn’t stop smilling! (Probably looked very creepy for people from afar who might have seen me) Though, at the end of the episode it got me very curious to know what will happen to Fuko afterwards. I wonder if we might see her again later on in the series. I make this assumption only because she is featured in the opening to the show. I wonder who will be the main focus in the next episode? (Well, I got a pretty good idea by watching the preview for the next episode) At the same time as being curious to who will be the new main focus for the future episodes, I am also a bit disappointed because now they are not going to focus on Fuko, who is one of my favourite characters! Anyway, this was an outstanding episode that was definitely a tearjerker; it also had a good ending to this arc! ^_^


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