Posted by: lostty | January 6, 2008

Gakuen Alice episode 12

I am starting to fully believe that the only plot this show has is about a cute girl who goes to an Academy full of people “magical” like her! Well even if that may be true, it’s nothing close to a bad thing. I was kind of surprised by this episodes beginning because after the ending to the last episode it really didn’t go with this one at all! Anyway, in this episode Mikan finds out about the school festival, which they have once for a week in the whole year. Each type of class is supposed to put on some sort of activity to entertain the audience, but when Mikan, who is very excited about it, asks her “special ability” class, they tell her that they plan on just avoiding the whole festival! Though, this little issue isn’t the only one in this episode, there is also Hotaru who is being chased by Kupa because she is trying to sell trading cards of him to animals, and there is also Natsume who appeared to have gotten injured, but he has too much pride to tell anyone. On the subject of Natsume, am I the only one who notices that he seems to have a different manga every episode? How many mangas can one kid own! In all it was a pretty eventful episode, that was thoroughly enjoyable!



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