Posted by: lostty | January 5, 2008

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni chapter 5

Chapter 5: Detective (episode 16-21)
This time it is a six-episode chapter! I am now actually close to finishing the first season; maybe I will finally get a chance to watch the second! This was meant to be a chapter that has answers and to such a surprise it actually did! After every episode a little more became clear. Making this probably my favourite chapter yet!

Well, once again it is a new chapter and a new character to focus on. This time it is Shion. At first I actually expected the whole story to be about Satoshi, who is the guy who was with the group of friends before Keiichi, but it ended up being about more than that even if he played a relatively big part to the story. We are once again focused in the past, (is there even a time when it is the present in this show?) it is a few months before the beginning of the second chapter of this season. Shion is coming back to visit the old town, which was her birthplace. The only reason The only reason as a child that she didn’t stay there was because she was never really accepted into her family being the twin of Mion, in fact she was supposed to be killed at birth. Being back in town, she is trying to keep her presence discreet. Doing so, soon becomes more difficult that she expected and involving herself with others soon leads to a price she has to pay, but after it all, revenge takes over…

This chapter actually has a lot more to it than I said above, but I don’t want to give it all away. Most of the time the episodes were basically retelling the story from the second chapter, but making everything more clear along the way. Though, if you ever thought at all that you actually understood the second chapter before seeing this one, then you were probably wrong. Every character is depicted in a different way, which really surprised me some times, but got a little confusing at others. Although something that is a little disappointing about the characters is that for the past two or three chapters there has been a definite lack in the character Rena, who has become one of my favourite characters. She is only shown for a very small amount of time. This chapter was also by far the chapter with the most violence, which isn’t technically a bad thing, but it got quite gruesome from time to time.
Something I though was funny at one point was when Shion had a little déja-vue with Keiichi and Satoshi involving one scene at separate times (obviously). There is a group of gang members who get made at Shion for kicking over there bikes, at first you have Satoshi, who came to save the day and was actually able to scare all the gang members away, then there was Keiichi who’s attempt at trying to threaten the gang members and save Shion (who he thought was Mion) was pitiful and his comment saying “I don’t believe in violence” to them was pathetic because we all know how much of a lie that is! The scene really just proved how cool Satoshi is and how lame Keiichi can actually be. (Well, that scene seemed funnier at first?!)

Anyway for this chapter I also have to say that I was kind of sad from the ending it had. I was very good and suspenseful of course and wasn’t disappointing at all, but it was just kind of sad and tragic. I really think of it as odd that I am actually feeling sorry for a character from this show!
So, considering I actually got answers this time I am really excited to see what they plan on explaining for the next chapter, especially considering that this is going to be the last one! I am so curious to know how this series is going to end. Maybe, for the last chapter they will incorporate all the characters we have met and make one final redo of the cotton drifting festival, with all new twists of course because we now understand a lot of the story. Well I guess I will only find out by watching and after that I finally get to start the long awaited (to me these word apply) second season! Woot!


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