Posted by: lostty | December 31, 2007

ef ~ a tale of memories ~

At first I didn’t really expect much from this series. In fact I actually thought of it as a boring show (I know! How could I have said such a thing?) Yet, once I started paying attention to it more I really realized how great it was and I really came to love it. After just finishing it, I am really starting to consider that this may be the best of 2007, but I am not completely sure if it actually gains that title for me yet.

Summing up the story for ef is really something that I dreaded. It is an amazing story don’t get me wrong, but I just think of it as a bit complicated… Well for starts if you didn’t already know, this series has 12 episodes. The most important thing to know about the story itself is that it is a romance. A romance story isn’t anything without its characters, which are: Chihiro, Renji, Hiro, Miyako, Kyosuke and Kei. Chihiro is a girl who got into an accident at the age of 12, from this she lost one of her eyes and only has a 13-hour memory, which proves to make things difficult. Renji is a guy with really odd hair who likes to read. He doesn’t really know what he’s good at and what he plans to do in his life. Hiro, is someone who barely ever goes to school and when he actually does he ends up not going to class. He is a professional shojo manga artist who gets published in a magazine, so most of his time is devoted to doing that. Miyako barely goes to school either, she is actually known for it, and when she actually goes, she will just ignore the teachers when they try to speak to her. Kyosuke, has a very big passion for both film and photography, he takes his works very seriously. Finally, there is Kei who has known Hiro ever since she was little; they consider themselves like brother and sister. She is an outstanding basketball player as well.

Hopefully that was a good enough overview of the story, but I guess it was more of a character review? Anyway, as I was saying a while ago, I originally thought this was dull and just an excuse to use really pretty animation. I was never more wrong. Soon enough the story became so appealing and intriguing. It had many beautiful moments and others that were extremely sad. Near the end of the series I was almost on the brink of tears after every episode! Another thing that kept me interested was that the story was never rushed even if it only had 12 episodes I felt it went at a good pace, which made it never really get confusing.

The animation, which was originally the only skill I thought this show had, was gorgeous. Every episode seemed almost like a portrait it was done so well. There was also a lot ways to how the emotions of certain characters were shown through art. I remember the first thing that got my eye in this show was the skies! Damn how I love those skies! So many pretty clouds!

It is rare to find an anime that incorporates both a great story and beautiful animation, but ef does them both so well. Its gripping story kept me wanting to watch more and more (which is what I did at the time) Now that it is over, all I really want to do is watch it again! Ef ~ a tale of memories ~ is a show that should be watched by anyone for all its great qualities! Yay!


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