Posted by: lostty | December 28, 2007

Gakuen Alice episodes 9 + 10

I have mentioned before that I really dislike robots from this show, but “luckily” for me the whole ninth episode was basically dedicated to them! Hotaru made a robot that look exactly like Mikan (ahh!) and from everyone’s praise ended up in a competition with some guy to see who could make the better robot. Robot Mikan became completely forgotten and wanted to be noticed again by Hotaru, so with the help of the real Mikan (I know this may sound complicated) she tried to help the robot Mikan out. Let’s just say that all the robots in this episode were very annoying. Well, I’m sure if I think for a while I could find a reason to prove that it could have been worse…

As you can see I don’t have much to say about the ninth episode, but luckily episode 10 was completely different and so much better! The storyline for this episode was that everyone in the school gets an allowance at the end of the month to spend on what they want. The allowance amount varies depending on how many stars you have, so Mikan who has none only gets a mere 5 “rabbits”, which is barely anything. On this day you get to go to central though, but the mean teacher with a frog on his shoulder or something told her she couldn’t unless she brought her designated partner with her. This made it difficult for her because that partner happened to be Natsume. When she actually went to go ask him, there was the most adorable little kid with him, which she was told liked to follow Natsume everywhere. Yet, as much as he was the cutest little kid ever, he definitely had an attitude just like Natsume, he would call Mikan “a stupid ugly ape that he didn’t like”, which was pretty funny in my opinion. Although he wasn’t the only cute thing in this episode, there was also a talking apple that just wanted to be freed instead of eaten and the fact that the rest of the episode focused on Mikan trying to earn enough money to buy herself candy was also really cute! Yet of course they couldn’t go an episode without some king of robot involved, this time it was the shopkeeper at central. Besides that, I loved the tenth episode! Especially compared to the ninth, I really can’t wait to watch the rest of the series! ^_^


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