Posted by: lostty | December 27, 2007

CLANNAD episode 7

After the ending of the last episode, I was really curious to know how this one would play out. The explanation from the climax of the last episode really confused me, though eventually it may some sort of sense, but in a really odd way. This show is of course really funny, but it could also be really sad. In this episode, it dealt with things that aren’t particularly happy subjects. Luckily, on a more positive note, the jokes are still hilarious and so much of everything is still really cute! Whenever one of the jokes seem to be getting “old” or “repetitive” the creators just come up with something new, which becomes even more funnier than the last joke. In fact, this episode probably had one of the funniest moments ever in this series with Nagisa and Fuko fighting over which is cuter: starfish or the dango family. Something that was extremely cute from this episode was the hog! I don’t really understand why it makes the sounds Puhi? But I do know that it is adorable! Since the first episode it really seems that there has been a big character development. Nagisa, who originally seemed extremely shy and friendless, now seems like a confident person surrounded by new friends, though her love for the dango family still hasn’t changed. Also Tomoya, who used to be the guy who didn’t care about anyone, is now trying to help out people who he barely knows and is actually taking an interest in going to school. The only person who hasn’t changed yet is the self centered Youkei, who we’ve all come to know and love! Anyway, just out of curiosity, is there anyone else who feels really sad whenever they watch the dango song (ending song) after every episode?



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