Posted by: lostty | December 22, 2007

Gakuen Alice episode 8

This was the kind of episode that I was waiting for! The plot definitely advanced! I also thought that some new mysteries aroused, such as the one that involved Mikan where all she was able to hear was that a certain person once before had an Alice that was just like hers and something happened, but they didn’t give a name or anything in specific, in general it was very discreet. I know this sounds lame, but the episodes are really lacking Natsume and I really want to seem him in the next episode! Considering him and the bear with the axe are my favourite characters I really want to see them some more! Though, as much as I find this a hilarious show this episode was kind of sad. Mikan, who is crying at least once or twice every episode, really misses her grandfather. Although, when you are part of the Alice Academy you are not allowed to go visit anyone outside of the school. So, instead she is trying to send him letters, yet from the help of one of her classmates, she finds out that for some reason he is not receiving any of them. Knowing that she starts thinking of extremes to try and contact him. Perhaps it wasn’t that sad, but I always seem oddly moved towards cute people who cry 😛 I love how this show is always getting better!



  1. i love also alice academy,but i want to see the episode when natsume kiss mikan…… very happy of that….actually i am the no.1 fans of it…

  2. please naman,sana magkaroon na ng season 2 ang alice academy…….

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