Posted by: lostty | December 17, 2007

CLANNAD episode 5

Clannad is a show that is so good, that is you are not already watching it, than you really have to! Inside its already extremely clever plot, they add humor and drama all in one. Just as the last episode there was a lot of really good jokes in this episode. There was a certain moment where it was so funny that I could not stop laughing out loud! Every character has such a different personality, but they still all work so well together. At first glance, this would seem like any other type of high school anime type show, but the thing that surprises me is that it is pretty much the opposite. Not only is it something extremely original, but also it is extremely entertaining. There hasn’t been an episode yet that has bored me. If not the last episode, this was probably the best episode yet. It is a great thing because it just proves that after every episode it still gets better! Also, something different from this episode than the last ones is that the ending to this episode did not leave us at a cliffhanger; it left the viewers more on a positive note, which was oddly very comforting.

PS: I will most likely not be posting anything or much this week because I have my exams, so until then have a great holiday everyone! ^_^



  1. i’ve heard alot about this anime but never really planned on watching it…I think it would be a really good anime considering i like all animes’ except Inuyasha.

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