Posted by: lostty | December 15, 2007

CLANNAD episode 4

As I expected they didn’t make that much of a deal with the last episode’s climatic ending. Yet, I guess this episode really only focused on Nagisa trying to get the drama club going, so I guess I am not completely right… Nagisa, Tomoya and even Yuhei were trying to find members. Overall I really liked this episode, though I am kind of anxious to see how they plan on advancing the story and adding more to it. I really like a lot of the reoccurring jokes, usually that would technically be repetitive, but in this show they always add a new twist to it, which just keeps me laughing every time! The persistent Youhei is still trying to beat Tomoyo in a fight. I also found priceless, the combo hits and the “confession part of this episode, which was just to hilarious! In general, this episode basically consisted of jokes, so no sadness for me, just happiness! ^_^ However, by the end of the episode they had another climax, but by the forth episode they already lost the whole dramatic part of it all. Though, it did really interest me in wanting to know more about each characters pasts. Can’t wait to watch the next!


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