Posted by: lostty | December 11, 2007

Top 5 Anime Openings

Well, there really is no purpose to this list what so ever, but I often judge an anime by it’s intro, so why not make a list about my favourites? This quality of mine isn’t exactly a good thing, but it’s pretty effective (most of the time) because a lot of my favourite shows have some of my favourite intros. Though, I am not particularly proud of this quality of mine. Anywho, might as well get started!

5. Princess Tutu

Ok, so truthfully this is not the best of anything out there, but for some reason I still like it so much. The music is pretty and of course really goes with show. It also represents the show perfectly in the sense that it describes it in every way. So to sum it up, this one made the list because it is appropriate and well…I like it! ^_^


Whenever I think of this show, it is not the opening that comes first to mind it is the ending. It’s a shame because the opening doesn’t get the appreciation it deserves. For the hundredth time which I have said this, this is just purely beautiful! I have mentioned a lot about the animation before, but only because it is true! The song is also really good and everything really seems to flow. It’s also a great song!

3. Gunslinger Girl

I absolutely love this song! That’s probably the main reason why this is so high (or low?) in my short list. Also, the opening is what made me want to watch the show in the first place. It sets such an atmosphere for the show. It is also very memorable because it really sticks out from the others I know.

2. Serial Experiments Lain

Well, I have to say that this is a show that really creeps me out! Though, this opening is kind of scary disturbing as well, which just fits the show perfectly. It is a great song too. It makes the show looks really interesting and good. The opening doesn’t really tell much of the show, nor does it tell much of anything. As much as this would be a bad thing, it’s not, because that is exactly what I would expect from it. In a way it is very artistic. It gives off such a sense of mystery…

1. Elfen Lied

I have already mentioned in a previous post about this show that I LOVE the opening. It’s a bit pg-13 in a way, but it is really beautiful. The song works so well because of the use of everything else in the images, which as I have said are based on paintings by Gustav Klimt. It also really works with the series because it shows something about the characters and there roles, just by the lyrics. Lucy, (the main character) was depicted by most people to be something of a horrible “thing” that should be killed; yet, the lyrics to the song are stating much of the opposite. This is definitely a masterpiece!



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