Posted by: lostty | December 9, 2007

Gakuen Alice episode 5

Poor Mikan! This episode was all about a ranking system that each student receives by the use of “stars”. After Mikan accidentally uses her Alice in class to protect her from the harsh pranks her classmates are using on her, things end up in a bad situation and the teacher decides her fate for her. Mikan actually receives “no stars”. This doesn’t seem that harsh for her until she leans the full consequence of it all, which is basically just having a much harder lifestyle than someone who would actually have a star. However, even though it may be heard Mikan believes she can pull through.

The thing that has started to irritate me in these episodes though, are the robots that you see every now and then. They’re really annoying! (And ugly) Luckily the show is still turning out to be something extremely entertaining and enjoyable. Yet, I have to say that compared to the last episode this one seems a little lacking in something. Something that really comes to my surprise though, is that I actually am not sure where this series is heading. I honestly thought I would have been able to guess really early on in this series, but I was obviously wrong.



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