Posted by: lostty | December 9, 2007

CLANNAD episode 3

This episode basically consists of two elements: cuteness and humour. The baby boar for example, was adorable! Also it was really cute when Nagisa ranted on about how she loves the dango family (ending song). The character Youkei is too funny, he keeps on getting beat up by a girl and his latest excuse is that she is so strong because she is in fact a man. It is obviously not true, but he honestly believes his theory is right. Yet, by the end of the episode of course it had to leave us at a sort of cliffhanger. I don’t really expect it to make that much of a great deal for the next episode. I know I have already said this, but I have to mention again that I love the ending theme so much that I actually sing it out loud because I’ve basically memorized the words! (I know I am nerdy) I am kind of curious to how all the characters will play out because they all seem very separate from each other, so I wonder if they plan on keeping it that way or perhaps getting all the characters together. Overall this was once again a great episode!



  1. Glad you like clannad so far. it’s such a great show!

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