Posted by: lostty | December 5, 2007

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni chapter 3

Chapter 3: Curse Killing (episodes 9-13)

For some odd reason, it’s seems I have come such a long way since the first episode. After every chapter so much happens. This chapter was actually the longest of the three so far, being one episode longer. (Big difference :P) Also, the two interesting things about this one was that it took a completely different turn from the last one I have seen and that this one was definitely the most confusing one yet.

This chapter focuses most on Satoko, who had both her parents that die and a brother who left, which leaves her having to live with her uncle who is constantly abusing her. Keiichi, who cannot stand what is happening to Satoko decides to take matters in his own hands; he decides to kill Satoko’s uncle himself. In doing do, he thinks that it will solve all the problems around him and his friends. (How logical is that?) Though, of course things do not go at all as he planned.

I have really got to hand it to Mion and Rena; they must have had a great impact on Keiichi because this time it was his turn to laugh insanely. Although, he wasn’t as affective as the other two in his laugh, but he still creeped me out to a great extent. In addition, I found that this time Keiichi seemed to get a lot more violent. I also can’t forget to mention that I was so glad to see some of Keiichi’s past finally, it may not have been much, but it was definitely interesting.

The thing that is so great about this series I find, is that even though in every chapter they just keep on replaying a certain moment, it never gets boring. I never knew they could even have so many alternatives to just one story. Every time we learn something different that will hopefully all lead up to one big event. In the last chapter a lot of possibilities and questions aroused, but by the end of this one there was even more! Another thing good about this show is that the questions you think about for a long time and that haven’t even been answered yet, don’t make you want to stop watching the show, it just intrigues you more to learn and answer your original questions. (That is, if they ever are actually answered) To change the subject to mention about the characters, I was kind of surprised by the lack of seeing or mentioning Shion; Mion’s twin sister. She seemed to be a character that would become someone important. The most I remember of her was one sentence Mion said involving her name. Whenever the groups of friends are all at school, the thing I find is most suspicious is the man (principal I presume) who rings the small bell to announce the end of school! Yes, he is the one I keep on noticing, especially since I don’t recall ever seeing his face! I think I may be making a bit more of a deal that I have to though… I will not give away any endings, but for this chapter, it definitely had something I didn’t expect. Also the repeated Oyashiro curse takes a completely different spin on things, which was definitely interesting. An odd thing about the last episode though, was that whenever I think back about it now, I think of it as pretty funny because there was such a misunderstanding involved.

This series never seems to stop amazing me! Every episode is just as great as the last; in fact even better than the last, this is definitely a series for all to see!



  1. This was my second favorite chapter in this series. any of them laughing really is scary! great post thx

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