Posted by: lostty | December 1, 2007

Gakuen Alice episode 3

This isn’t my favourite episode I have seen so far, but it was still awesome. A reason why I like this show is that is has a great concept, story and it extremely original. The reason why I didn’t like this episode, was that it felt like not much happened, this was one of those episodes in a series where they have to try and explain so much in a short amount of time and at the same time give off the impression that they are not doing purposely. Although, I really do find that they did a pretty good job in this episode at accomplishing that point exactly, even if it may have been a bit boring. Though, this episode definitely got some points because it had the bear with the axe in it! The bear creeps me out a lot, but for a character that I saw probably only for ten seconds, he intrigues me so much! Well, knowing how this episode ended, I am really excited for another odd episode in the weird world of the Alice Academy!


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