Posted by: lostty | November 30, 2007

CLANNAD episode 1

I absolutely love the animation for this show! It is so beautiful and has a very realistic appearance. Even besides that though, the story line itself proves that Clannad’s first episode was definitely a good one.

It explained a lot in this episode about the characters and from what I can tell, they already advanced the plot by a bit. Somehow, I don’t doubt that this will be something of a love story. Even if I can already tell a little to where this plot is heading, I am still completely curious to how it will develop and even to how it will end, but considering this was only the first episode and not even all the characters were introduced I highly doubt that I will be making any more sort of assumptions, especially this early on in the series. Another thing that definitely stood out for me in this series is the ending theme, which is a song about dumplings. To be more specific, a family of dumplings, which at the same time as being so bizarre is also extremely cute and I think it may even gain the title as my favourite ending theme ever! This was an enchanting and captivating first episode that just leaves me anticipated for more!


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