Posted by: lostty | November 18, 2007

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni chapter 2

Chapter 2: Cotton Drifting (episodes 5-8)

After the abrupt ending of the first chapter, to my surprise the second chapter starts much like the first. Though knowing what happened last time I knew I couldn’t trust the happy-go-lucky first episode to the second chapter. The episode starts off with its mini intro, which as we learned from the last chapter, it reveals something to come in this segment. It has Rika stabbing herself while Mion just watches and starts laughing insanely. It something that really made me wonder to how the story will play out. So, the first episode is about Keiichi who finds out that Mion supposedly has an identical twin sister Shion. Of course Keiichi doesn’t believe Mion, and he just thinks that Mion has a girly side and wants to spend more time with him alone. However, ignorant as he is things don’t end up as he thought they would and soon enough it becomes evident that Mion was actually being truthful about Shion and that he just made a fool of himself. There appears to be nothing scary or gruesome about this episode, besides is a few laughs. Yet, of course the next episode fully changes moods. The cotton drifting festival has arrived and all of Keiichi’s new and old friends go. Though as the night drags on strange events happen around him as he spends his time with Shion and soon enough he gets himself into trouble again. The people who he met last night known as Jiro and Miyo get brutely murdered, but they way things turned out, Shion and him suspect themselves of being the next victims to disappear! The rest of the episodes play on that bases, but they turn out completely different to how I could have expected. Oddly enough throughout this whole chapter Rena ends up being one of the good guys looking out for her friends. She also proves to be a very helpful in solving things. We also learn a lot about the character Mion, who throughout this chapter seemed to be the very creepy one. I always thought of laughing as such a happy thing until I heard the characters from this show laugh. It always has to be extremely loud and crazy!

I can sort of tell now where this series is heading to and I really like the idea of it all! It’s very original. It seems like Keiichi will have to relive a certain point in his life many many times! (poor him) The ending to this chapter though was so awesome! It was entirely unexpected! Though it seems to open a lot of doors without closing any windows (if you can understand what I mean). It seems that after every chapter we are all supposed to learn a little more about everything that goes on. I’m not sure whether I found that this chapter or the last was better because I enjoyed them both a lot. This show is in some way really likable. Something about crazy girls with weapons somehow really appeals to me. The show isn’t something that can really be liked by everyone, but it is sure to interest. Actually, I really can’t wait to see how this show will turn out!



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