Posted by: lostty | November 15, 2007

Elfen Lied


The story begins with a girl who escapes from the labs where she was a test subject, by destroying everything (and everyone) in her path. She was kept at these labs *merely* because she was a Diclonius who had the power to destroy humanity. Later, a boy named Kouta and his cousin named Yuka come across a girl with an unusual feature of horns coming out of her head. She was washed on the beach, with no home and could only say the word “Nyu”. They decide to take her back to where they lived and name her Nyu (of course). Although soon enough they find out that there is a whole organization after Nyu, who claims she isn’t who she seems and really she is a monster named Lucy…

Elfen Lied is a thirteen episodes series. (Including a bonus episode that’s on the DVD) The story at first glance, if you watch, it may give off the appearance of many other shows, with the story line of mutant girl falls in love with human boy, but this is not true because it is so much more and people who would say that obviously haven’t watched the whole series. There is such a beauty to this show then the other one’s I see.

The animation is very high quality and in fact beautiful (to a certain extent). Though throughout the series they did have a lot of blood and gore, it was needed for the story, so it wasn’t blown out of proportion. Also it was done in a subtle way so it was as though it was never meant to disturb. The best example of how beautiful the animation could be would be from the intro, which is one of my favorite parts and favorite intros. It was drawn in a style that was based on the paintings by Gustav Klimt (paintings like “The Kiss” and “embrace”). Also during the opening theme they had a melody that was gorgeous, which actually played a bigger part to the series than you would expect.

Although this show is amazing there was still at least one that I disliked, which was that at basically any chance they got, they would show the main character’s chest one way or the other. (If you know what I mean by that) Well to put it simply no opportunity was wasted there.

It’s true that I do find it disappointing that this series was only thirteen episodes, but there are advantages to this. There was never a single episode that was out of place, they all were extremely important to the main story. Also even if it was such a short series I still consider this to be one of the most marvelous drama/thriller that I have ever seen. In fact it is probably one of my favorite anime shows of all time! Another thing is that this show actually made me feel, which is very rare for any TV series I watch even when they are twice as long as this one. Not to mention, but unlike most TV series that run for much longer and never seem to have a good series finale, Elfen Lied had an ending, which concluded it all very well and was one of my personal favorites of all time.

I honestly don’t expect everyone to love this series. It really is either a hate or love sort of thing. Yet, you can never know until you try, so next time you’re looking for a new show to watch I am Elfen Lied would make a good choice!



  1. Aren’t you super-edumacated, referencing Klimpt! 😮 Silly Silly princess.

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