Posted by: lostty | November 10, 2007

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni chapter 1

Chapter 1: Spirited Away by the Demon (episodes 1-4)

What a misleading first episode! The show starts off so happy, with a guy named Keiichi who just moved to a small town. He is heading off to school to meet his new friends Rena, Mion, Satoko and Rika. His new friends own a club where they play games together after school. (Happy) Most of the time I was either smiling or laughing throughout the whole episode. I remember wondering why this show could be rated 16 up for its extreme violence, though I just assumed that it must have been suggestive! The show came near an end and we find out a there was a murder that occurred a while ago in the village. Meh, didn’t seem that bad to me! Though, the ending credits for this show really did creep me out a little because most of the time it’s just blood dripping down the screen.

The next episode brought us further into the mystery of the murders that happened in the village also Keiichi soon finds out that his new friends aren’t at all who they seem and they definitely have a secret that they’re not telling him. (He knows, because their way of being discreet is whenever he asks anything odd they stop everything they’re doing and pause for a long time before saying “No”)

The next few episodes continue this theory, but go a lot more into detail and there is a lot more action. It is a very suspenseful show, which I found changes from something hilarious, to something that scares me in a matter of seconds. After every episode it really put my mind to work thinking out what will happen next and how it will all turn out. I’m usually someone who doesn’t like being scared, but this show makes an exception because after every episode I’m still compelled to watch the next.

All of Keiichi’s new friends really seem to have a split personality though because so often they seem cute and innocent until all of a sudden they seem a little insane. Well, at least they prepare you for those moments because their eyes go all blank and cat like and they start spontaneously laughing insanely really loud (hmmm?) Although, the characters really are all great, they really work well with the show and they each have separate personalities that stand out. Though, after seeing the last episode of this chapter I am very curious to how the show will continue, I’m sure it will be very interesting and entertaining. Nevertheless, I just want to mention again that this show was actually extremely violent, (to my surprise) it wasn’t gruesome though or pointless, it was in fact needed for the plot and definitely right for this show. So, to sum it all up this is a show involving girls that own giant swords and act creepy most of the time to poor Keiichi, which to me was really interesting and a great first chapter to the show When They Cry. I can’t wait to watch the rest of the series! I recommend this to anyone who likes a good anime! ^_^



  1. Hey, I also really enjoyed When they Cry and am glad to see that it is getting some more attention! Your entry was very good, thanks! 😀

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