Posted by: lostty | November 3, 2007


A lot of my time that I spend on the computer is looking up AMVs. (to me, it’s bundles of fun!) As much as I would like to make one I don’t have the right programs and such. So, I decided that instead I would share with what I found. Here is a list of my top 5 favorite AMVs of this past month, which I found on youtube and did not create myself. Enjoy!


This is an AMV from the great show Neon Genesis Evangelion, using the song Numb by Linkin Park. I find that this is really well made because after having seen the show and then listening to this song, I realized that they can really relate and they work very well, which is what this video achieves perfectly. The whole thing just sends chills up my spine!

4-La Noyee

I found this Gunslinger Girl AMV by fluke and I’m really happy I did. It’s short, but effective in the sense to show the beauty in the show. I absolutely love the song; it gets stuck in my head so quickly! To sum it all up, it’s just a very appealing video.

3-Best of you

Now this is a fun AMV. It’s filled with tons of different anime shows put together in a way that really works. It’s also done with the song Best of You by the Foo Fighters, which gives it points in my book! But, I find it even more interesting because the video tells a story with the song even though they are using more than a dozen different animes and it still makes sense.

2-Hold me

Why is this Princess Tutu video second place? Well obviously because it’s awesome. Though, I wanted to say this right now that if you haven’t seen this series and are planning to, then don’t watch this because as they say it’s “spoilerific”. The song at first really annoyed me, but soon enough I found myself singing along. It’s all at a great rhythm and another reason would be that it’s full of dancing, which is always fun to watch!

1-Something wicked this way comes

Number one for my favorite AMV of the month! The clips are taken from the movie My Neighbor Totoro (which is possibly the most happiest movie ever). To fully get the joke of this AMV it would probably help if you actually saw the movie, but even if you haven’t you can at least admire how the video was made. It actually is somewhat scary, but at the same time I can’t but laugh out loud from the idea of it all! This was definitely very well planed out, with one of my favorite songs!




  1. Those are very nice videos – you have a good taste 🙂 I believe Something Wicked Comes This Way and Hold Me won awards on Anime Boston Convention. Thank you for posting La Noyee. I haven’t seen Gunslinger Girl, but I loved the melody 🙂

    If you like Miyazaki, you might like these amvs:

    Ghibli Collection – Memories Dance:
    Walking in the Air:

    I have a collection of my favorite amvs that I found over the years on my website (none of them are created by me). Unfortunately, some of them got deleted from youtube 😦 You can find them and other high quality amvs at

  2. I really adore the Totoro-AMV. I’ve seen the movie a few days ago, and it’s amazing how the guy who made it changed the entire tone of the movie. 😛

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