Posted by: lostty | November 2, 2007

Whisper of the Heart

Whisper of the Heart is one of the less common films done by Studio Ghibli not to mention extremely underrated. I spent many days watching this film and every time I watched it, it instantly cheered me up from any despair. It is a film that is sure to capture the hearts of its spectators.

The story is about a girl named Shizuku, while in her summer vacation, during a train ride, sees a strange cat sitting alone besides her. Curious as she was she decided to follow it off the train, which eventually led her to the mysterious boy named Seiji, who truly knew his place in the world (unlike her who longs to discover her true talents). However the cat also lead her to a strange shop containing an odd magical cat figurine. Soon, Shizuku’s summer becomes more than she could have ever imagined.

Well obviously I am not that successful at summing a story, especially one so good, but the story really is so amazing. It is a very light-hearted story. It is a story that many people could easily say they want to steer clear of because they think this film might be too “simplistic”, which is such a shame because it is so much more than I could ever say and anything but simplistic.

I needed to recommend this to everyone because it is not like all the other animes. It is something different brought to the screens. The main sort of story of girl meets boy has been adopted so many times, but never have I seen it done so well. Every time I watch it (which as we know is a lot) I still feel as though I am watching it for the first time. Not to mention, but one scene in this movie, is probably one of my favorite scenes from any movie I have ever seen.

The animation was also incredibly beautiful. It is amazing if you think about it, that so much effort must be put into every single still in this movie. When I watch a film like this, animation plays a big part for me. So, from all the animated films I have seen this definitely ranks high with some of the best animation out there in the film world.

It is almost impossible for me to think of something negative about this movie, but I managed to find one, which was the English dub. It was done with some of the most annoying actors and actresses in the movie industry (at least in my opinion). They included: Brittany Snow, Ashley Tisdale and David Gallagher. So, for those like me, who are easily irritated by these people I strongly advice watching it in Japanese with subtitles, which is always better anyway.

Whisper of the heart is an inspiring, enchanting, and beautiful film that everyone needs to see for several reasons. For those who actually plan to see this movie, I really hope you enjoy it as much as I did! ^_^



  1. I loved this one, glad to see another fan. For me this is the second best ghibli film done so far, Grave of the Fireflies being the favourite. Ghibli has never needed fantasy settings, they have never needed futurism. This is the most honest attempt to portray the theme of warmth I’ve ever seen from a Ghibli production. SUPER!

    The director for this was working on future boy conan with Miyazaki and Takahata. A series I well recommend anyone to see. Pre-Ghibli, but more Ghibli than the “Ghibli” films as of late.

    I must be getting bored. This is the second comment on a blog entry which was posted last year today.

  2. @u11241897135181: Don’t worry, I don’t mind people commenting on old comments 🙂
    This movie really does show the realism in life while still shoeing a nice light to it. Grave of the Fireflies is still amazing, but it’s not something I can watch a lot of times only because it depresses me way too much!
    Ghibli really doesn’t need any sort of supernatural story to be something outstanding, it can be simple, just like this film and still be something that astounds me! I really have to agree with you on, that it’d be nice to see some more films that were back to the classic simple story, but with a studio like Ghibli they never fail to disappoint!

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